About RJ Beard Publishing LLC

The company began in 2020 due to the need to publish materials that are written by Roland and Faylene Beard. Years of mission work resulted in the development of curriculum courses, supporting materials, and stories from experiences around the world. The first need for those materials was a federation of Christian schools in the Philippines, but other people wanted the materials as well.

Because of Roland and Faylene’s desire to get materials to developing regions and needy people, it increased their contact with people who wanted answers to questions about who they were, where they came from, and why they exist. Dealing with needs in the United States and overseas resulted in contacts and situations that yielded stories, blog posts, and talks. Their own lives were peppered with events which they regularly shared with others. All of this was the seed bed for more writing.

So, the company was formed to handle the first book on biblical creation but others are following. This site and the company are the mechanism to make those products available, ask questions, and keep up with what is happening in their writing world.

You will eventually find products with a wide variety of topics. The core purposes follow a path to encourage the reader that God is real, to perhaps reach out and touch Him as they have, and to know that He intends to make practical impact on people — both adults and children.