A Study of God's Creation

This book examines the biblical view of creation and compares it to the popular naturalistic or evolutionary view. A biblical view is shown to make much more sense in view of mounting evidence that shows the variety and order that is found in the world around us. This view also makes sense of the geology of earth’s surface that was heavily affected by the worldwide flood, which is described in Genesis and referenced in other parts of the Bible. Additionally, the biblical view also answers the hard questions about why evil exists and why so many things are not working right or are broken. The final chapters give reason for why it all matters and how life can be lived with purpose with a biblical world view in mind.

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The book is divided into four main units, where the first unit provides key information on the biblical view; the second provides a biblical view of history, which includes the occurrence and dynamic effects of the worldwide Genesis Flood, the third provides a method of interpreting the world around us using a biblical view; the fourth (first part) provides a comparison of the naturalistic and the biblical world views among major high school science and history courses; and the second part of the fourth unit introduces the reader to why the biblical creation view matters in practical life.

Unit 1:

The Biblical Foundation: Creation Unspoiled

Unit 2:

The Biblical Creation: Creation Spoiled

Unit 3:

The Biblical Record: The Guide for Observing the Created Universe

Unit 4 Part 1:

Comparisons of Biblical and Naturalistic Views by Common Subject

Unit 4 Part 2:

Does Biblical Creation Matter in the Real World?


Phrases typically involving science are defined in general terms from a variety of online sources.

What Our Readers Are Saying

This is an excellent product that I would be proud to put in the hands of my own teachers as a way to ensure that students are well trained in their ability to articulate the biblical world view, starting with creation.


Bob Sladek

Principal of Mission Viejo Christian School

This subject is rarely discussed in churches, schools, or homes. The author’s efforts and the assistance of a small team of people have produced this curriculum that I believe will satisfy the questions of many students and adults.


Rev. Patricia Capwell

IFL International Director, Philippines

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About Author

Roland Beard

Roland Beard received a Bachelor of Science degree in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Virginia. After four years in the US Navy he spent over 25 years as a technical trends analyst and writer with the US government.

Roland became an avid amateur observer of the heavens, which opened the subject of biblical creation to him in a new way. Sky observing sessions were held in the US and overseas as a tool to present the Gospel and re-introduce God as the Creator and Sustainer of the universe.

Roland and his wife live in West Virginia he loves traveling, hiking and being in nature.

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