The book is divided into four main units, where the first unit provides key information on the biblical view; the second provides a biblical view of history, which includes the occurrence and dynamic effects of the worldwide Genesis Flood, the third provides a method of interpreting the world around us using a biblical view; the fourth (first part) provides a comparison of the naturalistic and the biblical world views among major high school science and history courses; and the second part of the fourth unit introduces the reader to why the biblical creation view matters in practical life.

Unit 1:

The Biblical Foundation: Creation Unspoiled

Unit 2:

The Biblical Creation: Creation Spoiled

Unit 3:

The Biblical Record: The Guide for Observing the Created Universe

Unit 4 Part 1:

Comparisons of Biblical and Naturalistic Views by Common Subject

Unit 4 Part 2:

Does Biblical Creation Matter in the Real World?


Phrases typically involving science are defined in general terms from a variety of online sources.